Battle for the Worst – Daredevil vs Batman and Robin

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Battle for the Worst: Blair Witch Project vs Paranormal Activity

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10 Feet of film – Best Tarantino Scenes

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What the Flop: The Room

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Damn That Scene: Ep2: Pulp Fiction

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Damn That Scene Ep 1: Goodfellas

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Magic Bullet Looks Easy Color Grading Tutorial

Here we teach you how to make your footage go from bland to amazing with simple color grading.

Lens Effects

Lens Effects. Wide angle lenses exaggerates the space between the foreground and background. Telephoto lenses compresses the distance. Use these effects to tell your stories. Anything on either end on normal will be interesting.

4 Quick Film Tips

Here are four quick tips for film.

KineRaw S35 Test

NovaHeart. footage and photography by Daniel Chung. Here is another test of the KineRaw S35 camera from Kinefinity. Keep in mind that another layer of compression will be added by Youtube as well. Cineform RAW 2K, 25fps Lenses: Leica R 19mm f2.8, 35mm f2, 60mm f2.8, 100mm f2.8 ISO: 800 “KineRaw” S35 isn’t available in the US as of yet but expect some info at NAB 2013 in April. Kinefinity recently announced a mini verson of this camera. Some information on that can be found here:http://nofilmschool.com/2013/02/kiner… Workflow: Adobe Premiere CS6


“Confliction” synopsis: Vince is suspected of holding a women hostage. Detective James is assigned the case, and vows to find the girl before it’s too late. Written and Directed by Nashawn Osborne. Starring Jordane Christie, Jj Condon, and Aimee Watson.

Killer Trivia

Killer Trivia stars Nicholas Jaye Stauffer and is a film twist on Phone Booth. In this guerrilla short film, Brian, an obnoxious film reviewer, receives a scary phone call from his number one fan. Funny, clever, and hilarious, Killer Trivia is a must see.

It Rained on Tuesday

A husband reflects on his past, as he and his wife go through a tragic accident and their relationship begins to take a turn for the worse. Produced by Flopitworks Productions Inc. Jordane Christie plays Troy; the husband who goes to reflect on his fallen relationship with his wife Whitney played by Emily DeSena. It Rained on Tuesday is a poetic film which mixes the feel of a theater play and dramatic cinema. Written and Directed by N.K.Osborne.

The Fallen

The story of Cain and Abel told in a modern fashion by Flopitworks Production Inc. Nicholas Jaye Stauffer plays Cain the cold-hearted brother who summons his brother Abel, played by Nathan Luttrull, to a private meeting. The Fallen is a stylistic film which mixes the feel of a western and a gangster movie together. Written and Directed by N.K.Osborne

Technical Details:

Camera – Canon C100
Lens – Rokinon 35mm
NLE – Adobe Premiere CS6
Aspect Ratio – 2.76:1
Audio – Zoom H2N w/ Rode VideoMic


Despondent is about the life of John (played by Nicholas Stauffer), a man who loses everything. Pushed to the point of depression, his best friend Nick (played by Nathan Luttrull) convinces him to do something he may regret. Written by Nashawn Osborne and Directed by Deshawn Watson.