Those who do not want to

imitate anything,

produce nothing.

Salvador Dali


Despondent is about the life of John (pl...

The Fallen

The story of Cain and Abel told in a mod...


Vince is suspected of holding a women ho...

Ryan Vega

Ryan Vega is a short film about a serial...


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Any film, or to me any
creative endeavour,
no matter who you’re working with, is, in many cases a
wonderful experience.
Martin Scorsese

The Team

By the time I was 10 or 11,

I knew

I wanted to make films.

Christopher Nolan

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We have a unique

blend of talent that allows

us to offer such a diverse

range of services.

Flopitworks is a production company made up of skilled filmmakers. We provide video and photo services for short films, weddings & music videosWe work with you to create something special and tailored to your liking.

Our Packages & Stats


Point Shoot Kill: No treatment, 1 videographer, 1 location


Value Package: 2-3 Videographers, Treatment, Limited equipment


Production Package: Full Crew, Treatment, High-end Cinema Camera, etc


Prices are for labor cost. Additional perks for your project will be factored into the budget


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Youtube Views


Videos completed


Cups of coffee finished on set

Intelligence without ambition

is a bird without wings.

Salvador Dali

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